Ortu Home and School are here to make a lifelong and lasting difference to young people's lives.

Ortu Home and School provide residential care and education to young people.

We provide a place of safety, nurture, and wellbeing within a trusted environment. We have an extensive large team of professionals and practitioners that aim to meet the individual needs of each young person, enabling them to flourish and recognise their potential, with the safety and stabilisation of a family environment.

Mission statement – our mission is to enrich the lives of young people in our care by helping them to overcome their difficulties, fulfill their potential and achieve the very best outcomes.

To achieve these objectives we believe that young people require the following:

  • A caring environment that is safe, stable, nurturing, and non-judgmental.
  • Carers who are understanding and compassionate.
  • A team that has informed approaches to the development and implementation of therapeutic care programmes to meet individual needs.

Ortu team members

Our Team

See who is part of our Ortu team and what support we have available to our young people.

At Ortu, we adopt and believe that Unconditional Positive Regard lays at the very foundations of the company.

The Secure Base Model

Ortu recognises that a sense of security and belonging lay at the foundations of building resilience.

Founded on key theories and research in child development and attachment, Ortu works with The Secure Base Model alongside other life-enhancing experiences that contribute to building self-esteem.

We understand how vital interactions and relationship building are to young people and how this enables them to gain and make growth socially amongst the community and peer groups.

We strongly believe that Education and Social Care are intrinsically linked and we offer bespoke educational packages for our residents. Gaining recognised qualifications builds confidence and enhances our young people’s career choices and job prospects.